My journey with breast cancer. It's not pink, It's not pretty... It sucks. A daily journal for my spawn and if it helps you too that's awesome. But be prepared, its going to be raw, bare and ugly. All my thoughts and feelings through this journey.

11th September 2013

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4 months in

Radiation is going okay, everything tastes like pure salt. They added Faslodex, a form of chemo to my regimen yesterday and now I have a metal taste in my mouth like I have been sucking on chrome all day… then I eat and it is Chrome with a side of salt or vice versa. If anyone has any tips to fix this I would gladly take them. I am slowly losing weight, I needed to, I have gained so much in the last year but my nutritionist is on my butt about losing saying they don’t want me to lose anything… dude, I am about 75 lbs overweight… I need to lose. She said if they notice I start to lose a lot I will be put on medication to stop it, well that’s just great but did you ever think that maybe with less weight I may feel better? I skipped radiation on Monday because I didn’t get a lot of sleep the night before and I just didn’t feel good. You would have thought I missed an appt with the president, they worked hard to get a hold of me and when they did there was so much relief in her voice like she truly thought I died over the weekend or something. I paid the price for missing on Tuesday though. Since I had said I didn’t feel good they told me after radiation I had to see the Dr. However my Dr was off that day so I had to see a Dr. I had never seen before. He kept insisting I have a tumor on my tailbone and I told him I don’t, that the radiation is for the cancer in the pelvic area. He asked me several questions and said “that’s because of the tumor in that area”… okay… He also tried to put me back on ┬áNeurontin. Boys and girls… you never see Chase really get terribly upset or stand his ground to often unless it is super important. He told this Dr. that wasn’t happening, Dr said yes and that it would be monitored but he felt I needed it. Chase explained to him what I went through the last time and Dr. shook his head and wrote the script anyway. Chase was polite and dropped the matter but when we left he said we aren’t picking that up. He refuses to allow me to be put through that again, it was scary for everyone involved. Also this is not one of my regular Dr’s so he doesn’t understand where we have been with this.

After this apt. I went to the hospital for my first chemo treatment. Two large injections to either hip. I shouldn’t lose my hair but I will get sick. Dr. added this because in patients with my diagnosis and being a first time cancer patient if you take the Faslodex with the Aremidex it can drastically extend life. Usually you do the Aremidex and when that no longer works you change over to the Faslodex but studies have shown that in patients with my particular diagnosis taking them together can add much needed time to my life, luckily I fall into that small group of patients that this works for, yay me… one thing in my favor finally!

Several people have made me shawls and scarves… thank you so much, I wear them during treatment because that is the one time of day I am cold, no I am freezing! And they come in handy for that, thank you so much! When they first started showing up I was curious if I was turning into an old lady overnight, now I know what they are for and couldn’t be more appreciative.

This is our weekend at Disney and I don’t know who is more excited, me or Ever! I hope I can make it through the days at the park but I do have access to a wheelchair so I should be good. I am not missing this if it is the last thing I ever get to do, it is a dream come true and a huge thank you to the donor who gave this gift to our family, thank you could never be enough.

Last but not least, please send good thoughts to a friend I have met through here, through my blog, who is having a second fight with breast cancer and today went through her second mastectomy. It is scary for me being told that I am terminal but I don’t know how I would handle getting through it once, thinking I beat this and than it coming back. She is a strong woman but please send good thoughts up for her as she heals and goes through the next steps of treating and making decisions through this horrible disease. Add to my bucket list that I will meet her in person before this terrible disease claims either one of our lives.

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  1. pinkbeyondchance said: I can relate to have a metal taste. I drunk stuff that was tart like lemonade and it worked. I don’t eat with metal forks and spoons only use plastic. I hope that helps a little
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